2015 Will Be the Year Linux Takes Over the Enterprise (And Other Predictions)

This coming year there are some fairly bold predictions to be made, some of which are sure things. Read on and see if you agree.

Linux takes over big data

This should come as no surprise, considering the advancements Linux and open source has made over the previous few years. With the help of SuSE, Red Hat, and SAP Hana, Linux will hold powerful sway over big data in 2015. In-memory computing and live kernel patching will be the thing that catapults big data into realms of uptime and reliability never before known. SuSE will lead this charge like a warrior rushing into a battle it cannot possibly lose.

This rise of Linux in the world of big data will have serious trickle down over the rest of the business world. We already know how fond enterprise businesses are of Linux and big data. What we don’t know is how this relationship will alter the course of Linux with regards to the rest of the business world.

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