Month: January 2015

IT usage report shows cloud-based apps are a reality in the enterprise

– 90 per cent of today’s organisations now have cloud-based apps- But there are concerns over managing the increasing number of cloud apps & duplication of app functionality – Responsibility for purchasing & managing cloud-based apps is increasingly shared between IT & business usersCentrix Software, a leading expert in workspace management, today revealed results of…

Libreboot X200 laptop now FSF-certified to respect your freedom

This is the second Libreboot laptop from Gluglug (a project of Minifree, Ltd.) to achieve RYF certification, the first being the Libreboot X60 in December 2013. The Libreboot X200 offers many improvements over the Libreboot X60, including a faster CPU, faster graphics, 64-bit GNU/Linux support (on all models), support for more RAM, higher screen resolution,…

Internet of Things Supply Chains By @Microsoft | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

Disruptive macro trends in technology are impacting and dramatically changing the “art of the possible” relative to supply chain management practices through the innovative use of IoT, cloud, machine learning and Big Data to enable connected ecosystems of engagement. Enterprise informatics can now move beyond point solutions that merely monitor the past and implement integrated…

MapR Offers Free Hadoop Training

MapR Technologies just offered a big gift to IT employees who have been looking to improve their big-data skills. The company, which provides a top-ranked distribution of Apache Hadoop, announced Tuesday that it would begin offering free, on-demand training for the open-source software framework for developers, analysts and administrators. Source: Tech

pompei 0.1.03

Pompei is a python package and command line utility to generate photo mosaics from movie frames, like this one: It is an open-source software originally written by Zulko and released under the MIT licence. Source: Tech