What Anthem & Sony Could Have Done Differently By @IanKhanLive [#Cloud]

They say that you are only as secure as your weakest firewall. But then is it just firewalls that protect our network and the information therein, or is it the framework the policies and the processes that have cracks that let the vulnerabilities seep through?
Hackers will be hackers and you really can’t blame anything on them. They are doing what they are meant to do. i.e Hack. Now that’s a completely different topic as to why unethical hacking is bad and so on. That’s next time. Right now, let’s talk about what we can do on our side. In addition to getting the best IT security systems, firewalls, more firewalls, anti-hacking everything and so on, it’s also essential that with moving times, or let’s say more intelligent hackers, address the foundations of the problem. Here are three best practices to consider.

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