vmtp 2.0.2

Features ——– Have you ever had the need for a quick, simple and automatable way to get VM-level or host-level single-flow throughput and latency numbers from any OpenStack cloud, and take into account various Neutron topologies? Or check whether some OpenStack configuration option, Neutron plug-in performs to expectation or if there is any data path impact for upgrading to a different OpenStack release? VMTP is a small python application that will automatically perform ping connectivity, round trip time measurement and TCP/UDP throughput measurement for the following East/West flows on any OpenStack deployment: * VM to VM same network * VM to VM different network using fixed IP * VM to VM different network using floating IP and NAT Optionally, when an external Linux host is available for testing North/South flows: * External host/VM download and upload throughput/latency ..

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