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Data leadership: All hail the polymath

By editor@techworld.com (Tim Barker, Chief Product Officer, DataSift) The reason that data science has become a hot new skill set is due to data scientists being polymaths: they have a broad set of experience, spanning a number of …read more Source:: Open Source

Why should Product Development be important to CIOs?

By editor@techworld.com (Accenture) To improve investment returns, companies need leverage IT to overcome three core challenges, says Kevin Prendeville, managing director in Accenture’s Product Lifecycle Services business. …read more Source:: Open Source

To Be Customer-Obsessed, Firms Must Also Be Technology-Obsessed

By editor@techworld.com (Forrester Analysts) Igniting a culture of customer experience is important. Relentlessly improving the operating model to put customers first is also important. But without the right customer-serving business technology in place, customers …read more Source:: Open Source