Protecode Compact: Solving Small Businesses’ Open Source Software License Management Dilemmas

compact esea 300x250Let’s face it: Smaller companies simply don’t have the same purse strings that their larger enterprise counterparts do. When it comes to leveraging open source software in their products, these small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) still want to be able to capably manage the obligations that accompany the licenses attached to that software. While solutions currently exist in the marketplace, those solutions are often pricey, and while the perfect fit for the large enterprise, they’re often out of the price range of the SMB.

Which is why we here at Protecode recently announced the launch of Protecode Compact, a solution designed specifically for the smaller software development organizations that don’t need multi-user, multi-site scalability. It offers the same accuracy, completeness and usability found in solutions designed with the large enterprise in mind.

Introduced earlier this month, Protecode Compact offers policy-based deep scanning accuracy—backed up by our GIPS database—enabling smaller businesses to rest comfortably knowing that the solution precisely handles open source software license management. These smaller companies are generally more aggressive in their leveraging of open source software, and the solution helps them to free themselves from the shackles of manual license tracking.

The product is easy to install and affordable and the pricing model includes unlimited scanning, installation, setup, training, support and all updates available during the licensed period.

Protecode Compact allows software development organizations of all sizes to take advantage of the benefits open source software provides while not having to worry about licensing, quality or security. While decision makers might be concerned that open source software license management might be difficult, they should know it doesn’t have to be. To learn more about our solution, attend our upcoming free webinar.