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pompei 0.1.03

Pompei is a python package and command line utility to generate photo mosaics from movie frames, like this one: It is an open-source software originally written by Zulko and released under the MIT licence. Source: Tech

The Internet Is Broken, and Shellshock Is Just the Start of Our Woes

Brian Fox drove from Boston to Santa Barbara, with two tapes stashed in his trunk. These weren’t music tapes or video tapes. They were computer tapes—two massive reels loaded software code and data, the sort you can see spinning on furniture-sized computers in classic movies like Dr. Strangelove and Three Days of the Condor. The year was 1987,…

LibrePlanet is coming March 21-22, 2015, call for proposals now open for annual free software conference

LibrePlanet is an annual conference for free software enthusiasts. The conference brings together software developers, policy experts, activists and computer users to learn skills, share accomplishments and face challenges to software freedom. Newcomers are always welcome, and LibrePlanet 2015 will feature programming for all ages and experience levels. This year, the theme of LibrePlanet is…